3 environmental ideas that won’t bore you

Most people don’t have time to listen to facts about the environment, be it deforestation, the melting ice caps or orangutans losing their homes. It gets tiring after a point to stay environmentally conscious when the world can be so overbearing and demanding in our daily lives. But we’ve gathered a few quick facts that will make the topic of environment less boring to you.
1. Just looking at nature makes you feel better – In 2009, psychologist Netta Weinstein
conducted an odd study. People were shown pictures on urban landscapes and some were shown photos of nature. Every person was asked about their life goals. The ones that saw pictures of nature spoke more about community, family and the human connection. The ones that saw urban landscapes didn’t however have such friendly thoughts. Weinstein concluded that nature brings people closer together. And man-made environments make people self-interested.
2. A 5,000 square-mile solar plant could have powered the US entirely – In the 70’s,
Aden and Marjorie Meinel wanted to set up a solar plant in the Mojave Desert. They planned to complete the project in 2076 over a span of five thousand square miles of land to produce a thousand gigawatts of electricity. Although this National Solar Power Facility drew mainstream attention, the couple never got the funding required to make this idea a reality.
3. Polar bears might be asked to shift homes – It’s not a new fact that polar bears are
having trouble in their natural environment due to global warming. For many biologists, considering relocating them might be a heresy. But many scientists these days think it’s a great idea. ‘Look, we need to start thinking about transplanting organisms around these barriers of agricultural land or urban land, and getting them to the next possible suitable habitat as the climate changes,” says Camille Parmesan, a professor at the University at Texas, Austin.


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